Friday, April 16, 2010

How to Set Up at A Craft Show

Have you ever tried walking into a shop and instantly you become so disappointed that you cannot begin to like the idea of spending your money? Things are randomly scattered about, there is trivial arrangement, and once you find an item that you could debate purchasing – it has no cost label on it. Don\’t allow this take place at your craft display booth. You need to keep in mind the equivalent rules of effective commercializing and marketing when you prepare for a trade show. The first thing you need to do is have a plan. That means putting together an idea of what your craft show booth is going to look like in advance. I\’ve seen so many people just lug their craft show items around in the back of a big van with a few extra stands and tables to place them on. These are the same people that ask, \”why didn\’t I sell anything this weekend?\”
Preparation for your craft show booth needs a couple of things: first of all, you should talk to the craft show arranger to assure how much space you get, and if there are some limitations to what you can have in or surrounding your stall. Likewise, inquire if you\’ve a trustworthy power supply to work your booth. This is crucial. The following affair you want to arrange is receive a floor plan of wherever your kiosk is situated in order to design the most beneficial arrangement to continue the movement of people in and around your craft show exhibit.
When you go to set up you craft show booth for the show, there is a couple of things to work on for a good craft show. No clutter! Keep your crafts well organized into specific areas. If you are a knitter and you have sweaters for kids and adults, you don\’t want them together because people will be frustrated with having to sort through the kids sweaters to find the one adult one in the pile.
Spend time perfecting your merchandising skills. If you have a special stained glass window hanging, it would be time well spent to purchase or build a window that you will be able to display in your booth with one of your window hangings in it. When people see the item in action, they can picture it in their own homes, or they can picture using it. If they can do this, then they are more potential to part with the money to buy it.
Keep particulars no lower than waist height – Shoppers truly prefers not to bend over after they have been on their feet for a long time at a craft show. Keep particulars within range and there will be more potential for shoppers to pick up items and look at them closely – which leads to further buys. Set aside floor space for additional stock (in boxes) with which you\’ll be able to replenish your sales booth.
Put a price on everything you have – Make it easy for people to buy your crafts. If you do not have a price, they may think twice about taking the time to ask – they may just go elsewhere to purchase something at this craft show.
Get rid of snarl-ups. There\’s nothing less positive than having shoppers frustrated by the lack of good flow in a craft show cubicle. Try to arrive at a normal flow for folks to survey your craft show particulars, be moved along by other shoppers walking through, and proceed right through to the checkout counter at the end. Whenever you make too many places where shoppers are stagnant or they have trouble getting to see other crafts, you are limiting your sales.
Remember, you are running a business. Imagine the store that you despise going into versus the one where everything flows so nicely; the displays are appealing and all of the price tags are on the items for sale. Make your craft show booth resemble the store you like – and you\’ll find that people will spend more money on your crafts!
Craft Enthusiast and Sportsman Ethan O. Tanner explicates the importance of proper planning for an craft shows and the safety tips and guidelines for a Leathercraft business.


englishteacup said...

Thanks I have just signed up for my first craft fair May 1st and 2nd This has helped a lot. Have a great day Englishteacup(Lynne)

RabbitHollowPrims said...

I am going to try one in the fall too so we shall see :)

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