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To Fan or Not to Fan?

Nobody Cares About Your Status Updates
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I’ve noticed several discussions popping up about the do’s and don’ts of Facebook Status Updates. Now I’m not talking about your personal page and your rants about your kids eating crayons and tap dancing on the kitchen table (my current update, don’t ask). I am focused on your “fan page” or business page. I know it is difficult to come up with witty comments or clever give a ways every day of the week. I think many have lost site of the power of their Fan Page. Re-focus your priority what exactly is your goal? Are you only focused on link love? Do you only post your latest creations on Etsy or announce your latest sale?
Facebook is apart of the viral form of communication we’ve termed “social media.” You always need to keep in mind your end goal. Are you driving traffic to your Etsy shop or blog? Or do you want to provide your readers with something interesting to “Be a Fan” for? Facebook is a fantastic way to create “buzz” about your business, but it must be done the correct way. You NEVER want the traffic to just stop at your fan page. You need to keep it flowing in and out from Twitter, to Twitter, to your Blog, to interesting links and articles etc. You want your links re-posted on other pages in Facebook and Twitter.
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Why? I want you to open your Fan page in another window and look to the lower left. There should be a tab that says “Insights” click on “See All”. Another fun graph but before you get lost in the squiggly lines I want you to scroll down to the drop down box under “Fans who Interact with XYZ Fan Page”. Here you can see your interactions per post, post quality, reviews and mentions. Your goal should be to strive for “Quality Posts and Interactions.” Again why? Your quality of posts has a direct relationship to the number of new subscribers and un-subscribers. If you post meaningful, useful content you will retain your fan base. Those that post low-quality, spammy material (sorry link lovers) will lose ranking in the search engines and subscribers over time. If someone “Hides” you from their feed that is considered an unsubscribe.
*Side note: I Love Link Love as much as the next is a great tool to get yourself out there. However, it should NOT become the focus of your Fan page. This is a behind the scenes process to connect with new people. Helping another business out is great, but don’t become consumed in the process. Focus on quality and your goals and “the true fans will come.”
I Heart You Cufflinks

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Quality posts and positive interactions are vital. Track your posts. What was a hit? What completely bombed? Why? I know Facebook is a little different because we are given a more personal glimpse of the “admin” behind the scenes of a Fan page. Use this to your advantage. Write a blog series about your creative process as an artist. Ask for feedback on a new logo. However, always remember that you are still a “Business” and need to think like one. Do not spam the news feed with endless “look at me” updates. Add in variety, keep us interested. Help others with links to business articles or upcoming vendor shows. Throw in a great quote now in then. Twitter has the 80/20 rule. You re-tweet or mention 80% of the time and self promote 20% of the time. Facebook is similar but on a much larger scale. You have the opportunity to post videos, tutorials, how-to blogs, links to small business articles, photographs..etc. Use these tools! Teach us something! Shake it up!
Plan your updates the same way you plan your blog articles. Zero in on your target. You may have started as an accidental blogger or Facebook Fan-page, but now is the time to reconsider your game plan. Stop fretting over “lost fans” and write out your goals for your business. How can social media help you? Stop getting lost in the shuffle. I know you are out there!

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