Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cute Freebie Valentine Pin I Found

This original design is brought to you by Kerry Seymour, ©2008

Freezer paper
thin batting for the fishtail/wing
hemostat for turning and stuffing
skintone cotton muslin for head/arms
2 other cotton prints for the lower body, fishtail and
A Valentine print for the heart is nice but not
necessary, also remember to reverse for fabric with
words on it.
Craft glue and hot glue
various handsewing needles/ thread
trims, beads, and hair fibers or other head
pins, color pencils or paints for face coloring

Quick Basic Instructions

Trace all pieces to the dull side of the freezer paper and cut out. Press the lower body to double fabric right sides together and sew around leaving the top open for stuffing. Cut from the fabric, turn RSO and stuff medium( sort of like a comfy pillow would be)to about 1/4" from the opening.

Turn the raw edge about 1/4"to the inside and then hand gather through all thicknesses. Fasten off, set body aside.

For the fishtail first lay down a layer of the batting and then the doubled fabric RST over that. Press the fishtail template to the fabric over all three layers and sew around leaving open at the straight edge. Cut from the fabric and turn RSO. Smooth the edges, turn in 1/8" along the opening and hand gather around the edge of the fishtail, do not sew opening shut. Now insert the bottom of the body section into the fishtail opening, pin to hold, pull up gathers and sew the fishtail to the body. When finished fasten off and set aside.

Wing: Lay the wing out same as the fishtail, sew all the way around. Cut the wing from the fabric and on one side of the wing cut a small slit for turning ( be careful so you don't cut through all the layers). Turn RSO, smooth all edges, sew the opening shut. With a light pencil draw in some lines if you wish ( see wing template) and sew over the draw lines through all thicknesses. Set wing aside.

Head and arms: Press the templates to the wrong side of doubled fabric and sew around each leaving open where indicated. Cut from fabric, turn RSO. Stuff the arms/hands medium soft, about the center 1" you don't even need to stuff,you want them to bend easily. Stitch opening shut. Stuff the head medium firm, turn the opening to the inside about 1/8" and gather around the head, pull up the gathers, secure and fasten off. Set aside.

Heart: Press the heart template to wrong side of doubled fabric and sew around. Cut the heart from the fabric and in one side make a slit for turning and stuffing. Again be careful to lit only the one layer. Turn RSO, stuff medium and sew the slit shut.

Lay the chin of the head along the curve at the top of the heart, pin to hold and hand sew in place. Sew the center of the arms to the back of the heart about 1/4" from the top of the heart. Remember thumbs up! Fold the arms to the front and stitch the hands to the heart at seam lines. Sew the gathered edge of the body to the back of the heart, just at the bottom of the arms. Tack the heart to the body at the point of the heart to help secure it.
Add some trims to the tail seam and to the neck edge. Draw and paint the face and add some hair or other embellishment to her head. Sew the wings to the back having the
V of the wing even with the curve of the heart. Sew a pin to the back!


Military Momz said...

You are so creative! Wishing you a great and prosperous day!

RabbitHollowPrims said...

Thanks I was browsing websites and found this cutie :)

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