Saturday, August 6, 2011

Artfire's New Look

The new ArtFire shopping cart is now live. This cart is a dramatic improvement over the past shopping cart process. Inline checkout via ProPay credit card processing now allows shoppers to complete purchases in a seller-branded environment, with the sale occurring entirely within the seller’s own store.

The ArtFire team has spent the past few months researching, building and testing this new shopping cart for the community. The cart includes a host of new features and benefits, including:
Inline, two-step checkout with ProPay, which keeps the shopper in your studio and results in fewer abandoned carts.

Tax tables are now integrated for all 50 states and work with all payment providers available to ArtFire sellers.

Sellers can opt out their entire studio or individual items from the tax calculations on ArtFire. Depending on the state, some items like food and clothing are exempt from sales tax: opting out is in place for the sellers of those types of items.

The coupon code entry field only shows up if you have a coupon code. Shoppers don’t leave the cart to go look for a coupon code if you don’t have one.

Non-paying buyers are eliminated. Until the order is paid for, the product is not marked as “sold.”

The cart is branded to the seller, in the seller’s studio. The shopper is buying from you, not just the marketplace.

Improved emails and invoices for both buyer and seller, with better graphics and simpler layouts.

Complete tie-in with a new improved Facebook Kiosk and RapidCart system. Items in a guest shopper's cart will still be there if they visit ArtFire from the Facebook Kiosk.

Cleaner, faster, more intuitive user interface that has been focus-group tested with everyday internet shoppers.

Item memory, even for guest shoppers. When a shopper comes back to ArtFire, their cart will still have your items, if they did not buy the items last time.

Go check it out and get your free 30 day trial of the pro version of the shoppe

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