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5 Steps to Organize Your Blog

5 Steps to Organize Your Blog by Regina Morrison
In order to gain much desired readership of your blog, it helps to have an organized space.  And a blog which your readers can rely on and visit in search of daily information, humor, or inspiration.  Flipping from topic to top without any symmetry, not blogging for days and then posting 4 posts in one day, typos, and clutter are a few things that might hold your blog back.
Everyone’s blog and situation is unique, but I find the following to be the most helpful when editing and organizing my personal blog, Acute Designs (
1. Create an editorial calendar –  This doesn’t need to be anything fancy.  I just use a standard spreadsheet.  At the beginning of each month type out the days in one column and then brainstorm ideas for posts – listing each one next to a day.
After you get all the info down that comes from brainstorming – start to organize.  If you have a lot of posts that have to do with fashion, perhaps you could do one each Monday, photography each Tuesday, updates on your business each Wednesday, and so on.
It is ok to sway from the calendar when unforeseen events occur, but a decent amount of consistency will give your readers a sense of stability.  They will have an idea of what to expect each day.
This consistency will also create trust with your readers.  If you are a DIY expert and post your newest how-to advice every Friday, your readers will begin to trust that they can find a fantastic weekend project on your blog each Friday morning.
2.  Proofread – Even though it is a blog and not a formal essay or business letter, there is value in proofreading your work.   It helps to write your post, step away from the computer for a few hours and then proofread it.  When the information is not fresh in your mind, you are more likely to catch silly mistakes.
Spelling and grammatical errors will happen and that is fine, however  several  errors in a post tends to look sloppy, which might give your readers the feel that you just threw something together – rather than put a bit of heart into it.

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Haunted Swamp Designs said...

Good ideas! Hope to give these a try!

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