Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top Tips for Smart Holiday Shopping

  • Shop after 6:00 p.m. the evening before a sale is advertised to begin. Many retailers program the registers the night before, so the sale may already come up in the register even if they have not changed out signs on the selling floor yet. Ask the associate in advance for any possible upcoming sales, especially on big ticket items.

  • Prepare a list to use while you are shopping. Make sure to include alternative selections in case you are unable to find some of the items on your list.

  • Avoid crowds by shopping during stores’ early and late extended hours.

  • If you are looking for specific advertised items, take the complete ad with you so that you don’t end up in the wrong store looking for a specific price.

  • Staple a gift receipt to the merchandise tag in case it needs to be returned or exchanged. Keep your original receipts with any warranty paperwork for the life of the warranty.

  • Remember when gift shopping you are buying for someone else’s wants and needs, not your own.  But don’t be afraid to take full advantage holiday promotions treat yourself to something nice!

  • Shop safely! Watch your personal belongings at all times including handbags and purchases. The stores are not responsible for any lost items so be careful, especially at the register when you can get easily distracted by the transaction itself.

  • Save yourself the headache: let the charity group at the mall wrap your gifts for you.  This will save you a lot of time and free you up to do other things on your holiday to-do lists.

  • When shopping online, have your credit cards and address book handy.  Many websites have timed windows to complete a transaction, so you need to have shipping information at your fingertips.

  • When walking through the mall or down Main Street, wear comfortable shoes! You’ll be walking on a lot of marble, concrete and tile.

  • Only buy gift cards from reputable retailers, not through online auction sites. Gift cards sold through online auction sites may be counterfeit or have been obtained illegally. 

  • Make sure you have personal credit card information available at home in the event you lose a credit card while shopping. Important back up information includes customer service phone numbers, PIN numbers and account numbers.

  • Be vigilant. Make sure to stash your cash in a safe place within a wallet while shopping. When paying with cash at the register, only pull out of your wallet what the amount totals, not the entire stash. This also applies to personal items you carry through the stores, including shopping bags and purses. 

  • When parking in a large parking lot, make sure to keep all items in the trunk of the car and out of sight. It also helps to park near a light if you know you it will be dark by the time you are done. Mentally locate the nearest security office or officers in case an emergency occurs you can easily track down appropriate personnel.

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