Monday, August 9, 2010

Joined Handmade Spark

I have already had 2 custom orders in 1 day!

Designing and creating handmade items is one thing, but listing, selling and marketing them is another thing altogether. Some people enjoy this business side of things, others just don’t. But enjoy it or not, let’s face it, if you want to be successful at selling your handmade goods online, you’ve got to get the business side working. And that’s where Handmade Spark comes in.
I happen to really enjoy selling on the Internet. I’ve put the time into really learning how it works and have sold 1800+ items on Etsy. I enjoy internet selling and marketing handmade items on the internet so much that I helped start Handmade Spark.
What is Handmade Spark? It’s a blog about the handmade scene. It’s also a site where we provide social marketing and a search engine optimized directory, mini-sites and product pages all for Etsy sellers. Handmade Spark helps you with the business side of things enabling you to focus more on designing and creating and to get more out of your selling and marketing efforts.
We want you to try Handmade Spark. So, sign up and give it a try. Not ready yet? Want to know more? Have questions? Then keep reading.


*Linda Pinda* said...

Sue, I was really excited reading all about this last night when I saw you posted. Looks wonderful and I definately want to be a part of it. My problem is that I am too ahead on the promotion and too far behind on the production.... LOL!

I am currently working on some new items and hopefully will be able to jump in with both feet real soon. My goal is to focus on Etsy, as I love everything about it, so I appreciate these resources. As always, I will yell from the mountaintop what an awesome gal you are for sharing all of the information you work so hard to gather. I am all about "community" rather than competition. And while I believe there is a healthy amount of competition in any business endeavor, that should come in the form of the quality of our artistry and how hard we're willing to work, not in being cut-throat and backstabbing. You are the perfect example of how one can achieve success AND help others along the way.

You are a gem :)


Rabbit Hollow Prims said...

Thanks Linda so far I have had loads of traffic and a bunch of sales and custom orders but I like you are way behind LOL

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