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Etsy Sept Forcast

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We're on the verge of the holiday season, and it's time to hunker down, keep organized and on top of the plans you've been strategizing for your business. As the season picks up, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle and feel overwhelmed. Stay efficient and in the know with some of our merchandising plans for September. It is our goal to create a healthy balance between promotions for traditional holidays, seasonal changes, cultural events, and lifestyle trends.
Rounding Out August
Keep up with August's seasonal themes, holidays, dates to remember and trends in August's Merchandising Desk Edition.
  • Promotional Opportunities for Sellers:
    1. Are you a new seller or know of an undiscovered shop? (Specifically Etsy shops that have opened in the last three months or have had under 15 sales.) Let us know in this Forum thread for upcoming promotional opportunities.
    2. Create and tag Treasuries fitting August's merchandising themes for a chance to have the collection featured on Etsy's Homepage.
    3. Follow the Showcase column on Etsy's blog to find out upcoming holiday themes we'll be promoting via homepage banners. This will allow you to secure holiday and Category Showcase spots.

Stay Engaged in September
Our central merchandising topics this month will center around autumn, the harvest, Halloween and holiday preparations. You'll find the extended list of topics we're excited to highlight below. We're looking for your creative voice on each of the upcoming seasonal motifs.
  • Celebrations and Traditions: Look for references to the activities classically surrounding Labor Day, the U.S. Tennis Open and Oktoberfest, weekend cookouts, family gatherings, references to sports, beer drinking, festivals, and German traditions.
  • Back to School Wrap-up: All-encompassing essentials for back to school, off to college, starting a new job, first apartment, studio update, or space reinvention. Think wardrobe and decor updates, office and organizational supplies.
  • Fall Fashion: The height of 2010 fall fashion in clothing, accessories, and jewelry. More specifically, key basics, layering elements, the introduction of winter accessories and outwear components, thick fabrics and rich leathers, autumnal tones, and the return of the beloved boot and leather bag. See the trend section below for more granular fashion forecasts.
  • Harvest: In the decor frame of mind, think about bringing the autumn harvest in from the outside. Industrial farm accents, orchard and vineyard references, classic fall fruits and vegetables, and glass and clay jars spread across a bountiful table all signify and celebrate the change in season. Woodland emphasis, natural colors, rich fabrics, the hearth, and played-up textures come back into play as classic autumn mainstays.
  • Halloween: Notice emphasis on this creative holiday throughout September, as party-goers plan every aspect of the celebration from decor, costumes, and creepy refreshments. Focuses include full custom costumes, ready-made accessories, makeup, decor, favors, treats, treat bags and creative carriers, treat alternatives, and DIY options. Different takes include young, old, scary, creepy, cute, and funny.
  • Weddings and Celebrations: Coinciding with our Halloween promotions, unconventional approaches to pulling off a creative event will have their time to shine. Don't forget to stay a step ahead for brides currently planning and shopping for winter and spring weddings.
  • The Sapphire is September's birthstone, and September's astrological signs are Virgo and Libra (August 24 - September 23: Virgo), (September 24 - October 23: Libra).
  • Seller Holiday Prepping: Summer months are the best time to plan and get your shop ready for the holiday season. Etsy's holiday season picks up from October through December. Harvest and Halloween seasons have already begun, so start stocking up on and listing your holiday offerings now in preparation for the seasonal rush in store. 
    • Media Tip: Press outlets begin finalizing their holiday issues and series in the summer. Have your holiday items listed, tagged, and available now for buyers and PR reps looking to pull items for holiday gift guides.

September Trend Forecast and Mainstays:

read it here:

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