Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SO You Want to Work from Home?

You are thinking about working form home.  You are sick of your day job, your long hours, your boss.  You contemplate leaving it all to work from  home.  What you really need to know.

First, there is a great feeling of being your own boss but with that comes great responsibility.  You have to be able to adjust your lifestyle to meeting the new time schedule.  You will have to discipline yourself because it is all too easy to get distracted and not do any work.  I set myself a time schedule of hours to work per day.  I try my hardest to work that many hours a day but life does happen and sometimes I do not get in the hours I needed to.
Setting a time frame gives you some structure of how your day will roll.  You will find out you will put in more hours than a regular day job guaranteed, long hours, because not only do you have to make the items you sell, you have to sell them which involves computer time spent listing and promoting, you have to be the customer service person, the package and shipping person, etc....this all takes up time, lots of time.
There will be days you feel nothing has been accomplished.  I have days where my kids have millions of things going on and I feel like I am running to keep up.
Overall, it is the best feeling to become accomplished.  I love selling and conversing to customers online.  I love the fact I have my own hours and I can get up late and got to bed late.  But you have to be realistic here also.  Do you sell enough to work from home?  Can you afford health insurance for  you and your family? If the answer is no, then working at home may not be the best right now for you. Selling part time and still working may be best .

I thought I would share a daily schedule of mine:

 7:00 am exercise, eat, answer emails, promote
8:00 Am get dressed and awake and ready to work
8:30-12:00 work on crafts
12-1 Lunch break
1-3 answer emails, promote, package and ship
3-5 work on crafts
5-5:30 eat dinner I don't cook hubby does so I am fortunate here LOL
5:30- 10:00 pm work on crafts, go shop for supplies, etc...

This is a general schedule but it does change according to life LOL


*Linda Pinda* said...

Sue, are you not teaching anymore? I guess that's a good thing if your goal was to be a fulltime artist, huh?

I have the "opposite" end of working towards that goal. I've been a stay-at-home mom since Hannah was born. I did daycare for a few years, but have too many of my own kids for that to work now... LOL!

My challenge is trying to get my family to "respect" my work schedule and let me actually work. The kids want to paint with me, which is swell at times, but usually means I can't finish anything.

I am taking drastic measures to attempt to make a change. We have a more "formal" living room, and a comfy den where we gather nightly to watch TV, hang out, etc. I am going to re-do the formal living room, and create a more comfy atmosphere. Then I AM TAKING OVER THE DEN AS MY STUDIO!!! Part of me feels selfish for taking over space in our home when we are a bit crowded as it is. But I need a room I can go to, and SHUT THE DOOR! I have to give hubby my work schedule, and say "here. I have to work these hours. you have to be super-dad during them."

Pray for me that it works!!! We seriously need the income, and I HAVE to make this work!!!

Thanks for posting your schedule.


Tins and Treasures said...

You are sooo organized...
If only I could get someone to come in and clean my house!!

Have a terrific Tuesday. ~Natalie

p.s. Preparing your swap package here. I'm excited to be your partner!

Rabbit Hollow Prims said...

Hey Natalie I am excited too going to get yours out tomorrow in the mail too :)
Linda no still working but this is my summer hours since I do not work. testing it out to see what happens but like you I have nowhere to work and dad has to be super dad sooo it works some days and others like today it doesn't LOL

Sherry Byrum said...

You are so right! Working from home isn't what most people think. You have to be self motivated and it really helps if you LOVE what you're doing. People don't take it serious that "you are working" so you have to learn to set boundaries on those family and friends who just "drop by". You never have enough time and there is no job security. So it is definitely not for everyone! It can be scarry financially.
The good side is you can develop a unique lifestyle. If you have small children you can be a stay at home Mom. If you're old like me you don't have to go out in the hustle every day. You can take breaks whenever you want. And the days fly by because you enjoy your life. That's the best part, the total enjoyment of every day. No spending all week at a job you hate wishing for the week end. Great topic!

Rabbit Hollow Prims said...

Yep you said it all Sherrie so true :)

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