Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So Today is Going to Be a Fun Q & A Day

Here's the question.....What if anything are you susperstitious of?
If your grandparents had good ones let us know.  Like my grandmother always hated black cats.  She said they were bad luck if they walked under a ladder and you were on it.
I myself only believe the break the mirror and have 7 years bad luck one because it happened to me LOL


basketsbyrose said...

Dimes and quarts found together! The dime means change and the quarter is for three months of change!

RabbitHollowPrims said...

Never heard that one Rose but now every time I see a dime I will think of that LOL

Kai said...

I have a lifelong weird superstition about SHOES that are not lined up correctly - meaning the way they are actually WORN. Darned if I know WHY I have that or what I think would happen if they WEREN'T lined up! Mine are precisely lined up at all times, and I use to drive my daughter NUTS lining up HER shoes. Also, my grandmother DID have one! She said, "No singing before breakfast or you will choke on your first bite of food." LOL! And my Aunt said, "Go to bed laughing, wake up crying!" Uhhh ... I always suspected THAT was meant to get everyone to settle down & QUIET down.

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