Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Craftopolis Tag Report

Craftopolis Tag Report - Picking the perfect Etsy tags

I’m sure we are all familiar with Craftopolis – it’s a great site that supports Etsy sellers and give us some useful (and often addictive!) tools.
Anyway, as I was checking in on the site this morning I noticed something rather exciting – the Tag Report!  Have you seen it yet?  There’s a new ‘Tag Report’ tab which you can see in the screen shot above (click on it for a larger view).
Go to cratopolis.com, click on this new Tag Report tab and you can access a report that gives you some really cool information about how people are finding your items on Etsy.
Craftopolis Tag Report - Picking the perfect Etsy tags
For each item, the report highlights which Etsy search terms have led people to your items.  It also tells you on what page your item was found when these search terms where used.   In the example above, you can see Oscar the Orange Owl appeared on page 2 of a search which picked up on the tags ‘bird’ and ‘felt’.
Craftopolis Tag Report - Picking the perfect Etsy tags
In this next example, I can tell that the ‘moleskine’ tag is clearly a winner for my embroidered notebooks.  I had been wondering about ‘branding’ a handmade item, but I will definitely be keeping the moleskine brand in the item title and tags now!
This information only applies to internal Etsy searches (you still need Google Analytics to let you know how people generally find your Etsy shop), but I do think it could be incredibly useful for tweaking your tags.  This is especially so when you consider how much direct traffic etsy.com now gets, and how much this is likely to build in the future.
With this new report, you’ll be able to see what’s popular, what works, what tags you should keep, and what you might consider changing.  It might even help you determine whether you need to use US and UK spellings (eg. ‘colour’ and ‘color’) as separate tags.  Or perhaps whether you should use ‘embroidered’, ‘embroidery’, or both!  You could even look at the report for a successful seller of similar items and compare it to yours to see if there’s a pattern of differences.
I know personally I get a headache coming up with 14 applicable, definitive yet creative tags for every item, so I say huzzah Craftopolis!  Thanks for another great tool!
ps. note that, as with the ‘Treasury Tracks’ information that Tim has previously written about, you do need to sign in to your Google Analytics account and allow craftopolis.com access to it in order to get the Tag Report.  It’s a really simple process to do through the Craftopolis site, and you get such useful information in return!
Oh, and also note that whilst yesterday the Tag Report was working like a dream on my mac, today it keeps crashing my internet browser (I currently use Safari 5.0).  I just checked it out on a PC running Internet Explorer and it all worked smoothly.  Let’s hope any compatibility issues and early bugs are ironed out!


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