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Primitive Decorating What it is and what it isn't!

Let’s talk about Primitive Decorating… what it is, and what it isn’t.
Primitive decorating is part flea market finds, part shabby chic, part ‘make-do’.
This style of decorating might, at times, involve antiques or barn finds – that you fix up to the point of usability, and then display.
At other times, if you have a corner or use in mind first, you may have to buy something new and forcefully ‘age’ the pieces by paint finishes, stains or sanding techniques. We’ll talk more about taking new pieces and making them look old for primitive decor in a moment…

Primitive Country Decor’s Newest Twist

Lately, primitive country decor has taken a new twist.
This has just become popular in the past few years. I’ve yet to hear a name for it, but I’m about to suggest that ‘up country’ says it plainly.
"Up country is upscale primitive."
The primitive pieces are created new and of the finest wood and craftsmanship, then distressed to look old through paint applications and techniques, sanding and flinging the piece against the wall or hitting it with chains.
Now you might think that’s a little extreme, but I’ve seen ‘primitive country artists’ flog beautifully made coffee tables with chunks of steel!

Now there are other forms of primitive country decor beside this newest trend…

  • Prim country is most popular in painted pieces.
  • Furniture, window frames and chandeliers that were once painted white, or the softest hues of yellow, blue or sage green.
  • The paint is finely crackled through years of use or neglect.
You can make these pieces yourself for pennies on the dollar had you bought it new. You make them look realistic using a crackle paint treatment and some sandpaper – wearing down the areas that might be worn naturally over years of use.
If you can find it, skip over the standard Behr Crackle paint and grab the can that says Porcelain crackle – this will give you a ‘crazed’ finish such as you’d see on old china dishes.
You’ll find some great examples of home made, not antiques but aged, prim decor items in GoodByeCityLife’s country store here: primitive decor.

Making it Look Primitive – Even If It’s New!

With my past business partner I learned many ‘aging’ tricks of the trade and I’m happy to pass these on to you, because it’s fun to do and a great creative outlet.
If you’re on a tight decorating budget, and you like the primitive decorating style, you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the look you want. You just need to have some time on your hands and a few paint supplies.

Making Your Own Primitive Decor Accents

To make your own pieces ‘on the cheap’ you will need to invest the time into scouting out some classic older pieces at flea markets, second hand stores, garage sales, and country auctions.
Once you have the furniture or wood piece at home you may need to repair wobbly legs, apply a faux finish, change the color, apply a little crackling mixture from your local home decorating store, sand down the corners, and so on.
Soon you’ll have the down-home appeal that is 100% to your tastes and matching the color schemes already present in your home.

Decorating Country Primitive

It all begins with inspiration and learning, decorating with what you already have and a passion for decorating.
Our home was very primitive (partly because the exterior has the appearance of a shabby rundown farmhouse – and we were working on refinishing the exterior, but a country fire took the house and contents. Today we’re building a log home.)
Inside the farmhouse, I began with some beautiful Better Homes and Gardens books and magazines, and brought my own style into the rooms.
Believe me, I’m no one special when it comes to decorating, and I’m definitely without training in this regard – but people loved to visit and see what my current projects and upcoming decorating projects are next – if I can do it, so can you!
You’ll find a few super affordable and quite primitive pieces all ready to use in your home in our Country Store:
Or click here to see what books I recommend for primitive country decor inspiration.

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