Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Building an Online Brand

Building an Online Brand.

It's official: Business is happening online… and you need to be there!
Getting started can be a little overwhelming so in this Tuesday Tip we're sharing a few easy ways that you should build and promote your brand and business using free online tools.
Establish a social media presence. In addition to your MerchantCircle listing page, you should also set up Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook accounts. Talk to customers, create discussions, connect to other merchants. The opportunity to network and be where your customers are is invaluable! 
Be consistent- Respond to feedback. Blog. Send updates and newsletters. Stay in touch with customers to identify wants and needs. But do it regularly. Don't pull a Houdini on your followers! Make sure they know that you're available. 
Be Human- Use real pictures. Tell your story. Introduce your hard-working team.  Have a strong voice and be transparent. If you're working on something talk about it. If you made a mistake, fess up. Being honest builds trust. So be real!
Pay attention- Listen to customer feedback. Set Google alerts for your business and topics specific to your business. Use your online channels to ask questions and offer solutions. And it doesn't hurt to check in on your competitors. Read Yelp reviews for your business and businesses like yours. Learn what your customers like and don't like.
Return the favor- If you're sending our surveys, fill 'em out when they land in your inbox. (Hint: Survey monkey is a great tool for that!) Posting questions? Answer some. Respond in forums. Fan local business pages on Facebook, accept Merchant invites, and don't be afraid to click that Re-Tweet button on Twitter.
Growing your business and building your brand will take some time- but keep it up! You'll be a social media star before you know it!

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Luzmina said...

Great tips!! thank you! :D

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