Saturday, April 3, 2010

How Not to Apply to Craft Fairs

Taken from Handmade Spark:

LennyMud says:
The NewNewteam is running an Etsy co-sponsored event in NYC on May 8 and so far we have collected over 85 applications from great Etsy artists in the NY/NJ/PA area. Since show season is just beginning, we thought we’d share some basic tips for submitting an application to a craft show organizer, based on some of the No-Nos we have had to process. The following is a list of “Don’ts” compiled based on our recent experience…
To have a better chance at being accepted for a craft show, DON’T…
1. Spray your application with a perfume or scent, or enclose potpourri in the envelope.
2. Write illegibly and then expect us to decipher your chicken scrawl in order to try to figure out what your email is so that we can contact you to say you are accepted.
3. In line with the comment above: Don’t forget to write which email service you use: we cannot look into our magic ball and know if you are on aol, gmail, or yahoo. Don’t make us work so hard to communicate with you.
4. When we asked for pictures to be included, we did not mean for you to write “please take a look at my etsy shop.” The person who you are competing against will have attached 3 beautiful images as requested.
5. If an application reads that fees are non refundable, please do not email us with a long story about your personal financial situation and beg us to agree to return your money if it turns out it rains that day.
6. Don’t say you sell “accessories” if what you really sell is jewelry.
7. Don’t say you sell “housewares and home decor” if what you really sell is jewelry.
8. Don’t send us a piece of notebook paper with the words: My printer is broken scrawled across the top, and incomplete information.
9. Is your price range REALLY $5- $200? Really?
1. Ask intelligent questions about how the event will be staged and promoted! We are happy to share that info with you, and glad you are excited about the event!
2. Refer friends! We love when you tell other people about our event and then they say “so and so sent me”
3. Give us lots of extra info about what makes your product unique and special–either though written descriptions or great images: the info you give us helps us place you in the best spot, and bring the most variety to the event!
4. Neat handwriting, a complete application that shows you can follow directions, and great images move you to the top of the pile!!!
Please add any other tips for getting accepted to craft shows to this thread!

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