Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a Morning!

So I bought my son some clothes yesterday as his was getting too small. I washed them with mine and when I took them out they were all ruined! I forgot I has a pen in the pocket of my clothes and it exploded and left ink stains on everything! So I did some research online and it said hair spray. Sooo I broke out the old hair spray and sprayed like the devil. Low and behold all the stains came out of my son's clothing but 3 of mine didn't make it. I lost a pair of pants, tank top and shirt as maybe its the material but it will not budge. Now I have a dryer full of ink stains too. What a mess. Next time I really need to check the pockets before I wash.

On a lighter note, sold another Hornswaggle last night and I just had relisted him so will be making more of him for Etsy. Also, I am workin on a simple cute bunny for Etsy too and will be launching the pattern here too soon.

I also forgot I have a red riding hood and Big bad wolf set coming for sale here soon also.

Have a great Sunday and happy shopping!


Tins and Treasures said...

Glad to know that the hairspray saved most of your clothing...the stain removal unit in my Independent Living class is on Tuesday.

RabbitHollowPrims said...

Oh kewl what is that a class? I need to take it LOL. Just got in from church, my kids were nightmares today there. Hopefully my day gets better.

Military Momz said...

I cant wait to see the Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf. My neice LOVES these. She used to call me and I would tell her the Big Bad Wolf was under my deck, what should I do and she would have a fit. She would be like, oh, Aunt Isa, (she still calls me Aunt Isa instead of Lisa) I have to come help you get him. LOL - she was so cute and still is! I know about the ink issues. Having 3 sons who were taught early on how to do their own laundry, we have had this happen several times when they were still in school and would forget about a pen being in their pocket. Thanks for the hairspray tip.

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