Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interesting Finger Turning Tutorial I found

This tutorial is brought to you by Edwina Sutherland, ©2005.

Turning tiny hands is easy if you follow these steps.

First, trace out your pattern on freezer paper. The lines may be a little wobbly, so correct them with a ruler. The lines for each finger need to be parallel. If they aren’t, you will have trouble turning them.

Cut out your pattern, cutting off your pencil lines.

Press this onto your fabric, with the palm of the hand on the bias of the fabric.

Set the stitch on your machine to a very small stitch. On my machine, this is close to 1. Very small. Stitch around the freezer paper pattern, close to the edge. Your finger lines must be straight, so there are no constrictions to turning. At the base of each finger, take two stitches.

Using sharp scissors that cut to the tip, trim the fingers carefully, clip into the bases of the fingers, being careful not to clip the stitches, then turn them.

I use two pieces of brass tubing to turn, the rod being slightly smaller in gauge than the tube. Haemostats work, too, if they are fine enough.

Insert the larger tube into the finger and the rod on the tip of the finger. Place the rod on the seam allowance, so you don’t burst through the fabric.

Brace the tube inside the finger against yourself. Hold the upper rod steady, so the two ends are against each other. Push the finger up over the rod and it will begin to turn. You may have to wet your fingers and even the fabric a little. Ease it up gently and once it is well on its way, use tweezers to pull the finger out. When you have them all turned, reach in and grab the fingers together and turn the rest of the hand.

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