Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meet Maeva The Enchantress......

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Up for your consideration is Maeva. She roughly measures 30 inches tall. She is made from muslin that has been stained, sanded and baked for that look of olde. She has hand-painted eyes with separately attached eyelids and a hand-painted mouth, pinch-stitched eyebrows and nose. Her hair is needle-felted black merino wool with white streaks.

She has hand-sculpted hands and sculpted boots that are hand-painted black. She wears a black dress with embroidered 1940's vintage-like black cat material around the skirt and cuffs of the dress. Her tie to the skirt is also made from the 1940's vintage-like material also.

She also wears a big black witch hat with floppy brim and tied around her hat is more of the 1940's vintage-like trim. To finish her off I gave her a bunch of animals to empower. She has a frog, cat, rat, snake, owl and bat. All things witches like and use in their spells. Let's start with the owl. The owl is a necklace made from pewter around her neck attached with a leather black string. Why is the owl like this you may ask? Well he kept flying away and Maeva didn't care for chasing him all over the place with all the other animals she as to watch so she said a spell and changed him to pewter and placed him around her neck! No flying away for him anymore! The frog is made from muslin and roughly measures 6 inches. He has been painted, sanded, stained and baked for that look of olde. He has hand-sewn black seed bead eyes, a stitched mouth and a leash made from tan leather attached to his neck. The cat is also around 6 inches and is all painted, sanded, baked and stained muslin. The cats eyes are hand-painted with eyelids. She has hand-sewn whiskers in black on her face too. Her tail is fanned out like she is scared. She wears a vintage lace collar around her neck with small rusty bell. A tan leather leash was then attached to her also. The rat is made from muslin and roughly measures 5 inches. He has moveable legs. He also has been painted, sanded, baked and stained. He has hand-sewn black seed bead eyes and black sewn on whiskers. He also wears a tan leather leash. The snake is made from painted, stained, sanded and baked muslin and is about 4 inches. He has a red felt tongue and 2 hand-sewn black seed bead eyes. Lastly the bat, is made from an R & K Creations pattern and is painted, stained, sanded and baked muslin, roughly about 6 inches tall with wired and poseable wings. He also has hand-sewn black seed bead eyes, painted white fang teeth and small separately attached ears. He is wired in the back to pose him and then I rapped the wire around Maeva's waist. I also gave Maeva a business card in a paper Halloween bag. She has a vintage cat sign that is stamped on the back "You stock em' and I'll Walk em'" What a great set for the holidays and beyond.

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