Saturday, August 25, 2012

Why It's Important to Have an Artistic Mind

Having an artistic mind is important. Being artistic and allowing creative juices to flow can bring many positive things our way and open up doors of opportunity. Listed below are just a few of the reasons it is so important to have an artistic mind.

It’s a proven fact that being artistic and creative alters the way we are by improving our self-esteem, socialization skills and our mood. Studies have proven that there is a big health benefit to being artistic and creative when we age. The joy of expression and the way being creative and artistic opens up our minds renews our vitality and positive attitude that helps to trigger the healing process. New strengths emerge from minds that are artistic and creative and it fosters a sense of independence.

The artistic and creative minds can come in many forms. It’s not just a cut black and white thing. It’s not complex or simple. It really is just the attitude that one has to color your world very differently. With an artistic mind, you will see that everything in your life can be looked at in a different way or viewpoint. It’s not always just about being artistic or creative. We challenge our minds differently than others. It allows you to think outside the box. For instance, an artistic minded person may see a purple flower and think of how it may look with soft yellow edges, or how a book may change if the character had a totally different intention than what he did in the story, or how three of your favorite music pieces would sound if there was a way to blend them together. Having an artistic mind is the ability to imagine and think about all the various possibilities.

When we age, some of the physical abilities we used to have will change. Those people with artistic minds will figure out new ways to do things they once did before. If you were an artist and you loved to draw but now have trouble using pens to see details, you will find a new tool to use, or a new type of art to try. An artistic person will think of how they can maintain that creativity through another channel.

Better Opportunities
Having an artistic mind gives you benefits beyond just artistic expression. Being artistic can help you excel as an employee and be paid more for your talents. Artistic minds are those that solve problems and a much more effective person in all you do. Artistic minds need to put all their creative ideas into action. They don’t tend to worry about what others think and if at first they are not successful with something, they give their artistic talents a chance to surface again. They will think of new things to do and a new way to make what didn’t work before work a different way. Artistic minds let their creativity run wild as they spark creativity everywhere they go.

Having an artistic mind will open many doors of opportunity in a person’s lifetime. In our work and in our personal lives, the creativity in an artistic person’s mind can be helpful to someone or something at all times.

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