Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sewing Tips for Great Designs

As you progress past your high school and college years, you may feel your interest in certain hobbies beginning to wane. Sports teams seem scarce, and it appears to be impossible to find an art class. Therefore, you decide to take up sewing as your new interest. What are some ways in which you can master the field of design?

Take a Course
Many people learn best by doing, which is exactly what will occur if you take a hands-on course. Check around town to see if there are any courses being offered. If not, don't feel discouraged! Browse through the brochure from your local community colleges. Chances are, you can take a class without being enrolled in a degree program.

Use Patterns
Eventually, you may very well become skilled enough to make your own design patterns when sewing. However, starting off with some pre-made patterns will allow you to become familiarized with the technique. Technique is such an important part of any process. Once you have the technique down pat, you're able to see how you can manipulate the fabric to create your own unique pieces. Head down to the local craft store to peruse the available patterns. When you arrive, let the staff known what stage of the sewing process you are at so that they can recommend some patterns appropriate for your level of expertise.

Buy Professional Gear
Grabbing some thin thread and one small needle from an emergency travel sewing kit is not going to get you very far. Before visiting the sewing supplies or craft store, consider what you need and what you are able to afford. Are you planning to use a sewing machine, or will you create all of your designs by hand? Do you have room for the sewing machine? What types of items do you plan to make, and what types of materials will you need to sew these designs? Once again, ask the staff at the store to recommend products that fit your level of expertise.

Start Small
If your first sewing goal is to create a line of fitted t-shits with your own design and logo on them, you might wind up falling short. As mentioned earlier, it's important to understand the technique before you create anything that is too crazy. Start with an item such as a pillow case. You can make a simple design, a cloud or a heart for example, on it. If it comes out well, present it to a child in your life as a gift. Be sure to have plenty of backup supplies when you are first getting started so that you don't have to run out to the store every time you make an error.

Sewing is an exciting undertaking because it allows you to create. When you have finished one of your sewing sessions, you get to look back and see all of the beauty that you have made. Don't wait any longer to join the many people who absolutely love this delicate discipline.

Carole Jackson writes about design, crafts & more at www.flowerdelivery.net

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