Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lovin Me Upcycled Sweaters with Katwise

I love me some upcycled sweaters.  I happened by chance to fall on an etsy page for a gal named Katwise.  I loved her products and knew I wanted a sweater coat but how did I get one?  Well I found out that Kat has a huge following over 60,000+ on her facebook fan page and when she puts a coat in her shop it usually sells out within seconds.  Her last sale lasted only 18 mins with all coats sold out and she had 50 of them!
Well you can see why right? Look how beautiful they are! And expert photography helps too lol :)

So I decided where else could I get one of these fine Katwise gems?  I did some searching and found that on her fan page she has a forum with a sweater swap link!  It is for people who bought a sweater and maybe it didn't fit right or the color was not what they expected or whatever and you can post a want ad for sweaters. So I did just that.
Well,  lucky for me a gal got a hold of me by email and said I have a katwise coat I need to sell, it is too big on me.  I said whoohoo!  I bought it from her immediately and here is my gem coat called Annie!

This coat is made so well and I love it!.  Now see that star necklace, that story I will tell tomorrow cause I got me one of those too :)

So let's see what other coats Kat had for her sale in July which by the way is at the end of each month on a Thursday at 9pm EST.  Now mind you these are not all the coats she had but some I loved....

She is gearing up for her sale this month on August 28th at 9pm EST and she is having a space theme to it. As far as I know she doesn't do custom orders for people as she doesn't have the time, so if you want one check out her facebook page for sizes and prices, mark your calender and hope to the gods you get one as you must have lightening fast internet....blink and its gone and don't debate either and hold it in your cart thinking I'll go look at this one and then decide- no no no- you must click go to paypal and buy it as soon as you spot it , the faster the better , decisions must be made on facebook and you must know this is the one and pounce!
To follow her on facebook go here

she also has a website and blog go here

You will not be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for your sweet blogpost! I appreciate it. and i a glad you discovered the magic of the sweater swap. :-) - yay!

Rabbit Hollow Prims said...

Thanks Kat going to try again this month may need me a proxy lol

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