Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Latest Antique Finds

So since my kids and hubby were out camping for the weekend I decided to do some r&r and I went down to the local antique store called the Cotton Exchange and Livery.  I ended up spending 3 hours there and came home with a bunch of deals.  I did the old bundle trick saying well can I bundle it and give you this and they accepted.  Here is what I got:
First I got this crock jug which I thought was different because I never saw one with a herringbone pattern on top like this.

Next I bought this old jar for notions says B and F foods on top and says perishable keep at 50-70 degrees wonder what was in it?

Got this huge butter churn crock talked her into knocking 10 bucks off it.
Found my ice cream maker yeah me!

Found this firkin lamp, needs a shade the lady said it took a drum shade made from burlap does anyone know?  If so let me know please.

Mom liked mine so much she wanted the other which we got for $13 after discount.  Hers has brass mine doesn't.  Which do you like better?


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Wow! You found some great items. Never seen a herringbone pattern on a crock-love it. I like the firkin lamp without the brass. Enjoy your finds! ~*~Lisa

Rabbit Hollow Prims said...

Hey Lisa I never see one either so was hmmnn this must be a rare find so I scooped it up. Oh I had so much fun there and something was calling me in there as been looking for an ice cream bucket for awhile now.
I liked the one without brass too but mom wanted one so bad she too the brass one lol

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

My favorite is without the brass. Was Nancy visiting or just told you from up here? Love the crock too!--Jan

Rabbit Hollow Prims said...

No Jan she was on the phone and I was snapping and emailing pics lol

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