Wednesday, April 18, 2012

7 Ways to Win Back Customers

�We Want You Back� Postcards ~ There�s something about postcards that have a personal feel even when the information is obviously mass printed. Yes, they can cost almost as much as mini catalog, but they have a different effect on the recipient. This makes them a good reactivation vehicle.
Targeted Emails ~ Sending customized emails that target the customers� specific interests and include a special �we want you back� promotion usually has a good success rate. It works because it reminds the customers why they shopped with you in the first place and gives them a sense of urgency to return.
Handwritten Postcards ~ There�s a difference between personalized and personal. If you are really missing your customers, there�s nothing like a handwritten postcard to communicate your feelings and endear them to you. You can save money by having your customer service representatives write the cards while they are waiting for the telephone to ring.
Personal Emails ~ Even the best customized emails lack that �here�s a message from my friend� feel. Sending personal emails from an individual within your organization�s address let�s your customers know that you are serious. This is also something that can be done during wait times.
Telephone Calls ~ Notice that I didn�t say �telemarketing� calls. Call your best customers who have stopped buying to find out why. If there is a problem, fix it. The worse case scenario is that you will learn why you are losing customers. The best case is that you�ll win them back.
Social Media ~ Privately message your lost customers using social media platforms with exclusive offers. Yes, this means that you have to know who they are. Sometimes that requires extra work, but if you reactive a valuable customer, it will be worth it. (Note: If you are not capturing social media information at point of sale, you need to start now.)
Mobile Messages ~ Personalized text messages will get people�s attention. If you have a mobile program now, plan on using it to bring people back. If you don�t, get one.

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