Friday, April 20, 2012

10 ways to Gain Customer Loyalty

1. Thank customers for doing business with you. In writing. The value of the product
or service will determine what is appropriate. High cost service deals warrant a
handwritten note; even smaller cost transaction companies can send pre-printed
appreciation notes to customers on a scheduled basis.
2. Stay in contact with existing and past clients on a consistent basis. By not forgetting
them, they won�t forget you. Phone calls, notecards or postcards, newsletters, and email
are only some ideas. Consider also opportunities for personal contact, a good
idea in our high-tech, low-touch world.
3. Give the customer more than they expect. Anticipate a need and fill it. Answer a
question before they ask it. Delivering more than they expect is one of the most
powerful ways to gain customer loyalty.
4. Listen. Take time to truly listen to what your customers say, and if they don�t
volunteer information�ask for it.
5. Pay attention to the obvious. Mind your manners. Use please and thank you. Be on
time for meetings. Promptly return phone calls and e-mail messages.
6. Make realistic promises�and be consistent. It is far better to promise something in a
week and deliver in three days than the other way around.
7. Share information. Send pertinent articles or information that may be valuable or
simply interesting to a client. Always look for ways to help customers learn.
8. Give referrals to clients. Send business back to a client whenever possible, and let
them know you are doing it.
9. Explain how things work. If you sell a product, show how to use it. If you sell a
service, explain what the customer can do to maximize its value.
10. Have fun! Really enjoy your customers, develop relationships, look upon them as
your extended family. On occasion, treat a customer to something fun to show your
appreciation. Use your imagination!

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