Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Relevancy

Improving Your Ranking in Search Results
The best way to begin evaluating and revising your tags and titles is to start thinking like a shopper! Etsy�s relevancy search is built to connect shoppers with exactly what they want, so showing up at the top of the search results requires that your item (as defined by your tags and title) matches what a shopper types into the search box.

1. Put the most important keywords and phrases near the front of your titles. What are the most likely words and phrases that a customer might search for?

For example:

BEFORE: Lotus Blossom Pink and Yellow Children�s Dress� etc.
AFTER: Girl�s Dress � flowers� etc.

2. Use a variety of strong keywords and phrases in your titles and tags and vary what is at the front of the title (be sure to always use the most important keywords and phrases, though). Don�t name everything the same thing! Each listing is a chance for a buyer to find you, so if you diversify your keywords you�ll be found by lots of different searches. For example, you might start off a few listing titles with each of your strong keywords or phrases, then use other great terms on other similar items in your shop. For example:

Girl�s Dress
Children�s Dress
Toddler Dress

Cuff links
Steampunk Cufflinks
Wedding Cufflinks
Silver Cufflinks

3. Use your most important search terms in your titles and tags. The top keywords found in your Shop Stats can help you find these. However, these terms should always be evolving, so experiment with new keywords. Find more help with deciphering your Shop Stats here.

4. Add more items to your shop on a regular basis! Remember, recency does play a role in search results sorted by relevancy. It keeps things fresh when shoppers use broad search terms that return thousands of results.

General Tips for Getting More Views With Search
Showing up in a search result is great, but ultimately you want the right buyer to click on your item listing.

1. All views are not created equal! Remember, you want to connect your items with the right buyers, not hundreds of uninterested buyers. Keep it relevant. Comb through your item listings. Get rid of the tags that buyers probably aren�t using to find this particular item.

2. Take great photos, since they will get more clicks in search. See the photography articles in the Seller Handbook for tips.

3. Don�t sound like a robot. Remember, showing up in search results isn�t everything. You�ll also need to connect with your buyer when they find your items, so don�t just fill your titles up with a string of keywords. Find the right balance that works for you.

Our biggest tip? Go slowly with making changes, and use your Shop Stats to see what is working before making more changes in your shop.

We also have a video series where we critique shops and provide tips for sellers to improve their relevance. You can find these videos here; look for videos titled �Etsy Seller Education: Search Relevancy.�

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