Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Item Relevancy Makeover

Even before the change to relevancy, I�ve suggested that sellers should not give buyers too many options in their custom item listings. I would suggest you list each color of dress shirt you have separately. This will help with search optimization, too! A buyer looking for a White Linen Men�s Shirt will find yours if that�s what your title reads. So try that � �White Linen Men�s Shirt � Custom and Handmade for You.� That title starts with four great keywords and ends with something to entice your buyer.

Note: If you make something that is not usually made by hand, �handmade� is a great keyword that will bring in buyers who might be looking for handmade items through a web search.

In the case of handmade dress shirts, I wonder if you�ve figured out exactly who that buyer would be. Is it a bride planning a handmade wedding? Is it men who are looking for custom couture clothing? Only you can really sit down and determine who you want your customer to be and how to write up your item listings to appeal to them. Once you do that, things will get much, much easier. This handy Customer Profiling Worksheet by GraceDobush should help you identify your target market.

A few notes on the tags you�re using:

There are some tags here that I don�t imagine a buyer using � �new design� is one of them.
You use the tag �men� twice; this is not necessary. Instead, replace one of those with a common phrase � perhaps �men�s shirt�?
Knowing your customer will help you. Want to reach the wedding market? �Groom� would be a great tag to use!
You use �short sleeve� and �long sleeve.� Stay focused and just pick one. That will open you up for another relevant keyword.
Check out your top keywords found in your Shop Stats for more ideas.
Pop into your Etsy Teams and ask for help! Or start a thread where you can jointly brainstorm keywords to use in your titles and tags.
Hope that helps, Cherie! I�ll ask our readers to leave a comment below if they have any further ideas for you.

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