Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to Make Money On Etsy

Be Different...
"Find a niche, even if it's rather esoteric"
 "Don't try to cater to everyone"
You have to think: why would customers want to buy from you? The more special your product is, the more likely people will buy only from you."

Dig Deeper is You Business Unique?
Like any e-commerce site, Etsy buyers are generally purchasing items sight unseen. They'll be shelling out money for the product before they get the chance to try it on, touch it, or smell it – which means photographs and product descriptions need to be spot-on.
Etsy is very focused on photography.
While many Etsy sellers can't afford to hire professionals to shoot their products, there are a ton of great resources on the site itself. Etsy's blog features sections like "The Seller Handbook" and "Your Shop 101.

The Art of Listing

A lot of strategy goes into the way items are listed, how often they're listed, and the number of items an Etsy store has at any given time. The item's title is of the utmost importance. When an item is listed, it can be marked with up to fourteen search 'tags' that allow the item to be searchable for potential buyers.  "The tags have to be relevant. If you try to cast a huge net, you get bad results, but when you're very specific and descriptive, you'll have better luck. Shorter titles are better than longer ones.

Instead of naming a doll Horace, think about what people would be searching for to find that type of doll.  The number of listings, and how often you list, really depend on what type of product you're selling. Statistically, people browse through two to three pages of listings (each page features about 20 items). So 60 items is about all you'll have the chance to get their attention with. If you don't give them what they want within the first 60, you've lost them." Sellers have also found that if you only have a few items in your store, people won't stay to click around.  List two or three new items each week.

Get Involved

Join teams, use the community, the blog, the activity pages.  This not only gets you known but also answers questions you may have.  

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