Friday, October 14, 2011

SEO Tips for the Holidays

One of the most effective ways to get holiday shoppers into your shop is to bring them in through search. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art and science of helping search engines like Google and Etsy search find you.
So much has been written on SEO that the amount of information can seem overwhelming! Luckily, the best tips are the simplest, and will leave you with plenty of time for all of your other holiday preparations. Here are my top tips for making search work for you this holiday season:
1. Improve your relevancy: Read our post onmaking your items more relevant in search. Want the short version of that article? Just put important keywords and phrases in both your tags and titles and describe your item as if you are talking to someone who can’t see it. Make sure to vary your titles within your shop, as this helps you to be found in a variety of searches. Titling and tagging all similar items in the shop almost exactly the same is the biggest SEO pitfall, so sidestep it by mixing it up!
2. Learn about holiday search trends: Scan the merchandising articles each month, and our holiday shopping insights and trends. Use these posts to find keywords and phrases that apply to your items, and add them in!
3. Consider the recipient: Use words that describe who your item would be a great gift for in your tags and titles. Try synonyms as well! For example: men/man, women/woman, girls, boys, kids, children, baby, infant, toddler.
4. Use the search bar to find what shoppers are searching for: Select Handmade, Vintage, or Supplies, and then start typing what you sell. A list of recent shoppers’ searches will appear. Incorporate any that are relevant to your items in your tags and titles.
5. Make your shop Googleable: Work in gifting related keywords into your Shop Announcement and Shop Title, name Shop Sections with terms that reflect the holidays.  These fields, in addition to your item titles and other areas of your shop, are picked up by Google.
6. Work smarter, not harder: Make SEO changes gradually! Try changing the titles and tags of a few items at a time, and then look in your Shop Stats over the next few days to see the effects.
Want some more tips on getting found in search? Check out the SEO section in the Seller Handbook. Also, stop on by the Etsy Success Team to let us know how you’re doing, and to ask for advice!

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SisterBatik said...

This is great - I am bookmarking this to come back to as i am starting to think ahead to the holidays.

Thanks : )

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