Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Common Etsy Forum Topics Answered

Why don’t I have any sales?
As a crafter and small business owner, you need to hustle to make sales. Etsy is a tool for you to use to sell your work, but ultimately you alone are responsible for getting out there and making sales. This includes great photography, item descriptions, use of social media and sometimes paid advertising. There are a lot of great articles here on Handmadeology to help you with all of the above.
Why are my views so low?
If you are not already using social media to promote your work, check out sites like Facebook and Twitter. Use social media as a way of introducing yourself to your customers and letting them in on your creative process. Spamming by just posting links to your items is not a great way to cultivate buyers. It may increase views, but views do not always mean sales. Think about your target audience  – where do they shop? how old are they? what are their interests? You want views from those people. Paid advertising is a great way to target a specific group who won’t just look at your products, but will buy them!
Is this a slow time for you? Why are views/sales suddenly dropping?
Over the past few years I have experienced many slow downs in sales and drops in views. Sometimes I have sales with little or no views. Sometimes I have lots of views and no sales. Worrying too much about views will drive you nuts. Dramatically changing your shop every time there’s a slow down is not a great way to do business. Keep your vision for your shop consistent. Retail is a roller coaster ride, so when things are going well don’t forget to squirrel away money for the long run. Over time you may notice patterns that develop for when people buy your products, and you can use this information to maximize profit during those times. Hang in there and believe in your vision for your products.

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