Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ety Policy Changes

With all the hoopla surrounding the bad touch cards on Etsy, they have decided to make policy changes that go into effect immediately.  While this is all said and good and should have been instituted a long time ago, they still are letting the offending shoppe sell the cards about aids and fisting and the like.  The only cards they made the shoppe pull was the rape card and the disabilities card but they are continuing to let them sell the rest.  In fact the first card purchased from the shoppe was by an Etsy admin if you look at the feedback from the store so to them this was an ok shoppe. 
I feel the only reason they made the new policy is because of the pressure from the people and the CNN coverage of the shoppe in question would be a blow to the community if they didn't act on it.  If you would like to read the article and policy changes, here is the link


TheRustyThimble said...

Wow Sue I can not believe with all the pressure that etsy has allowed them to stay at all. But then again it is run by young people, how can people possibly find any humor in this stuff. So sad indeed
Thank you for the info

Rabbit Hollow Prims said...

I was shocked too but even if they are young, it doesn't excuse them for having morals LOL

Susan said...

It really is awful. I found other shops selling some pretty awful things too, on Etsy, unfortunately. I was curious if there were others on there doing things I found to be totally apprehensible. I don't understand this type of thinking at all. It isn't humorous, and it's beyond offensive. It's so demeaning to people, and even to the person who is making it. How low can a person go? And to be able to feel okay about creating cards or any type of "art" like that, well, I wonder how little the person even thinks of him/herself. You just can't hold much of anything sacred or special or important if you can do something like that. And to purchase it, well it just throws you right in the same ballpark with the person making the stuff.

It's too bad. I'm not sure I'll be staying with Etsy anymore. I'm on break due to health issues, but I am using this time to soul search about this whole thing.

Susan @ CluckleBees

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