Sunday, December 5, 2010

What to Do after Craft Shows

SewnInspirations says:
It's that busy craft show season again and many of us have one show after another. To stay organized, here are a few things to do while it's fresh on your mind once you return home to get ready for your next show:

*Remove any listings that you sold that are still online.

*Replenish your shopping bags or any packaging that you use when someone purchases an item.

*Restock your receipts, sales book.

*Get change for the large bills.

*Make a list of items to remake or add.

*Process credit cards, if needed.

*Need more pens? Sometimes they "walk" away.

*Reprint any signage, especially if you had an outdoor show. Check to make sure your tags didn't wither also.

*Replenish gift certificates.

*Reply to any questions you received at the show.

*Wash or press table cloths.

*Inspect your items to make sure they are still presentable.

*Get custom orders organized.

What else do you do to get ready for your next show? Let's keep a list going to help each other.

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