Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vintage Valentine Swap Sign Up Here

Hear ye! Hear ye! A Rabbit Hollow Prims Vintage Valentine's Day Swap!!
Love Valentine's Day and Vintage items?  Well this swap is combining the 2 together. You come up with an extraordinary piece of art that displays both. Sign ups will be until midnight on January 5th.
Dolls to be mailed to partners on or before February 5th, so you will have plenty of time to get your dollies done. All packages must get a tracking number or delivery confirmation (if possible), this cuts down on lost packages or people saying they have not received them.
Size range for dolls: Anywhere between approximately 9"-25". You and your partner can decide or you can surprise each other.
Each person will have one swap partner for this swap. The dolls can be any style, and you can use any materials-cloth, clay-but it has to be a doll. You can use any pattern or design you want.
This is going to be so much fun!

The key aspect to remember is: we are all going to have lots and lots of fun!
Communication is really important in swaps. Email back and forth with your partner and email me, Sue, when you can to let me know if you're going to be on time with your doll, etc.
Please make a wonderful vintage Valentine's Day doll creation for your partner, one you would love to own yourself. I'll try to match partners who work in certain styles, i.e. primitives with primitives, etc.
Before mailing your doll, please take a picture/pictures of it and forward them to me so I can post them on the Rabbit Hollow Prims blog once the swap has ended. All Participants must be willing to take a picture and post pics and a post on your blog once they receive their gift thanking and linking to their exchange partner.
If, at any time, you cannot hold up your end of the swap, PLEASE LET ME KNOW as soon as you know! I am going to need some elves as backup in case someone cannot complete a doll to make more than one. Please try not to let your partner down. I know I have been in many swaps where I sent and never received and it is a big bummer. Communication is key.
Swap Badge is at top of post. I would love it if everyone could put it on their blogs, too and make it clickable if you know how. Spread the word regardless, okay? This is going to be a fun swap and the more the merrier! Please email me ( it is going to say blogger not found but it does go through, don't know how to fix it lol) you can double check it by emailing me at and tell me the following:

Your actual name:

Your mailing address (including country):

Your preferred email address:

Your blog address/flickr address/ etsy shop, anything that shows what kinds of things you make:

Do you have a specific style, i.e. primitives, traditional, whimsical, etc.? Do you want me to try to match you with a partner who does the same style of dolls or it doesn't matter? (I can't guarantee I'll be able to match styles up, but I'll try).

Your favorite colors. Are there any colors you really dislike?

Do you mind swapping with an international partner or do you want to stay stateside?

Do you have any allergies: (smoke, pets, certain foods, perfumes, etc.)?

Please comment below if you want to participate and leave me you email addy. I will Post participants on the sidebar when we get some sign ups.....


Daph said...

I would love to join the Vintage Valentine swap

frommyhearprimitives said...

Looking forward to this swap!

kim said...

I would like to participate!
take care

Rabbit Hollow Prims said...

Got it guys thanks bunches :)

yorkie's primitives said...

I would love to sign up. I am emailing you with my info. Thanks, this sounds like fun, Valerie

Rabbit Hollow Prims said...

Got it Valerie :)

JenW!~ said...

I tried to sign up for your swap but it would not let me send an email to you.

Rabbit Hollow Prims said...

Got it Jen :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I sent my information to you via email. I would love to join in this swap. thanks

Rabbit Hollow Prims said...

Hi Donnely got it :)

linny said...

Would love to join this swap.
Will email particulars

Anonymous said...

Would love to join the Vintage Valentine swap.

Pam said...

I would love to join your swap and have sent you an email with the requested information. Thanks. Looking forward to joining this great swap.

Gen said...

Sent you an email. THANKS :)

lentochka said...

Sent you an email.Thank you very much!)))

Designs By GuKa said...

I sent an email. Swap sounds like fun! Count me in!

By the Bluegrass said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
By the Bluegrass said...

I just sent you an email and it said that the blog could not be found. I know you mentioned something about this. Can you let me know if you received my email. I would love to join this swap! :) I recently participated in an ornament blog swap and loved it! <3

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