Saturday, November 20, 2010

Etsy Rolls Out Coupon Codes

This feature is currently in limited release and only available to some shop owners.
    We hope to roll it out to everyone soon!

As a shop owner on Etsy, you can create custom coupon codes to offer special discounts in your shop.

Each coupon code represents a percentage off the item price that a shopper can redeem during the checkout process on Etsy. Your coupon codes are unique to your shop, and you determine when shoppers can redeem your codes by activating and deactivating them.

To create a coupon code:
  1. Go to Your Etsy > Coupon Codes (under Promote in the sidebar).
  2. Click the Create New Coupon button.
  3. Create a 5-20 character alpha-numeric code. Each code for your shop must be unique.
  4. Set the percentage of the discount. This will be the percent amount deducted from the shopper's total for their purchase in your shop when they use the code.
  5. Set the status as active or inactive.
  6. Click Add Coupon to create the coupon code.
Now you need to spread the word to your shoppers about your coupon code.
A coupon code applies to all items listed in your shop; you cannot restrict a code to certain items or sections.
The percentage discount is only applied to the item price, not shipping or sales tax. Sales tax is calculated based on the discounted item price, not the full item price.
You cannot edit the name or percentage of a code once it has been created, as this could cause confusing problems for shoppers. If you delete a coupon code, you cannot re-use the same coupon code in the future.
You can change the status of a coupon code at any time by visiting Your Etsy > Coupon Codes. Select the code from the list. A pop-up will prompt you to activate or deactivate the code. While a code is deactivated, shoppers cannot use it at Checkout. You can also completely delete a code by clicking thex on the right.
If a shopper redeems a coupon code during Checkout, then Etsy's 3.5% transaction fee charged to the seller will be based on the new, discounted item price.

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