Friday, October 22, 2010

Wider Pics on Etsy

I had a moment of madness today while strolling around Etsy. I noticed that every shop now has the new wider photos in place.  Etsy confirmed it tonight with this announcement.
Pacific Wheel at Sunset | $25 | Raceytay
How will this new size affect your shop? Are you happy about this change? I personally love the wider photos, it makes it easier to see the products and gives the page a modern feel.  Be sure to check your shop and see if any photos need to be adjusted or reloaded at the larger scale.
So what size is the new format?
“The optimal size for an item photo is at least 570 pixels wide. Etsy retains the aspect ratio of your original, so the height is variable. If you upload an item photo that is less than 570 pixels wide, Etsy will center your original, smaller image on the listing page in the image space. We recommend using an image that is around 800-1000 pixels wide. Using an original image of this size lets shoppers use the Zoom button to see the larger image. We do not recommend using images that are much larger than 1000 pixels square, as files this large can be difficult to upload.” Learn More


Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Well, I have to say that Etsy's timing stinks! Right before the holidays, when everyone is listing like crazy and now they spring this photo change on everyone? Some folks have hundreds of items listed, can you imagine trying to take new pictures of hundreds of items? The forum comments are very negative, the shop layout changes are not going over well either. You'd think that with a big change like this they would advise everyone via email that they were coming and give people time to prepare. Just my thoughts. Deb

Rabbit Hollow Prims said...

I agree Deb a warning or email would have helped. i don't have time to change out pics either :(

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