Saturday, October 2, 2010

Twitter Quick Tip

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It’s been a little while since I wrote about Twitter but my love affair continues! I still find it a constant source of information, entertainment and inspiration. As well as the fun of interacting with makers and dachshund enthusiasts from all over the world, people share some fantastic links to lots of great stuff – crafty and otherwise – that I wouldn’t have found just trawling through the internet on my own.
In the first Twitter Quick Tip I looked at how to ‘favorite’ tweets and how you can use this to show your appreciation and also to manage the often overwhelming flow of information. Another way you can show your appreciation for people you follow is through the ubiquitous ‘Follow Friday’.
What the heck is this #FF thing?
If you are new to Twitter you may be wondering (like I did when I first joined) why every Friday you suddenly see a bunch of tweets containing ‘#FF’ – it’s actually short-hand for Follow Friday, and it’s a way to recommend people who you find helpful, entertaining, amusing or just all round awesome!
The backstory to Follow Friday is kind of cool. It started off with just one guy with an idea – a way to recommend people he thought were cool to his Twitter friends – and his idea was so useful that it very quickly caught on. You can see a bit more of the history here.
Follow Friday has continued to evolve. You’ll now sometimes see the tag ‘#followfridayblog’ which means the tweet contains a link to a blog post with #FF recommendations, allowing for a much more detailed explanation of why you are recommending someone. And there’s also ‘#TravelTuesday’ and ‘#WoofWednesday’ for travel and animal related tweeters (twitterers? tweeps?) respectively.
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