Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't Tell Me What I am Doing Wrong Tell me What I do Right

I recently noticed an interesting comment  on the Facebook Fanpage of a well known blogger; they had just posted a link to one of their new videos entitled “5 Biggest Social Media Mistakes.” Now, I wasn’t bothered by the title I was curious as always. However, one of their fans jumped down their virtual throat so to speak and announced in the online way of screaming, I AM SO TIRED OF YOU TELLING ME WHAT I AM DOING WRONG!!! Yikes, I felt for the author of that post. As he tried to explain to her..”No it’s not like that, did you even watch the video?” The screamer had not watched the video. She decided to jump to conclusions about the content.
I realized that we all feel that way sometimes. It is so easy to get down and maybe even hostile when you are fed a constant stream of don’t do that, don’t do this. Similar to my toddler that just growls at me when I tell him no (of course he proceeds to do it anyway).  Avoiding pitfalls is important to any business. I’ve written several posts about those same subjects; however, today I am going to tell you what you are doing right.
First of all, you are open to learning new things. You wouldn’t be subscribed to this blog if you were not.  It is vital to seek information on topics directly relevant to your business. You want to stay on top of your game right?  There are many blogs to choose from out there when it comes to help for Etsy, Artfire or your Indie Biz. I personally subscribe to a variety of blogs, but I do invest my time in those that I have direct access to the “real person” behind it. For example, you know that I am always available to answer your questions on Facebook or what a concept..I answer your direct emails. I am not one of those elusive “bloggers” that spit out info but never respond to your comments.  I could rant about that at another time.

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