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Etsy Success- Work it On Kaboodle

Kaboodle is a social shopping community where people discover, recommend and share products. This innovative site abounds with fabulous Etsy items, thoughtfully curated by community members (check out Etsy Admin marymary's picks as a Kaboodle guest curator). Today Kaboodle's community managers, Adiel and Melissa, share tips on how to utilize their tools to promote not only your Etsy shop, but also your favorite handmade and vintage items from your fellow Etsy sellers. 
We’re delighted Etsy invited us to share tips on making the most out of Kaboodle. As you may already know, our staff and community — the largest and fastest-growing bunch of passionate shoppers online — absolutely love Etsy products. (Etsy products are everywhere on our site — we currently have more than 200,000 past and present Etsy finds listed on Kaboodle and more than 15,000 Etsy fans! In fact, is the number-one destination from Kaboodle!) Because of this, our community also includes many very active and adored Etsy sellers...and we like it that way!
We know that, as independent businesses under the Etsy umbrella, our current tools make it hard for you to promote yourself and all of your fabulousness without spamming. We’re working hard to allow you access to your very own brand page/store without much extra effort on your end. Until then, we hope the following tips will help you to heighten your products’ visibility on our site and get you more sales and fans while keeping you in good standing with our Terms of Use.
So, without further ado, here the top ways to work it on Kaboodle:
Create a profile page if you haven’t already!
Upload a profile photo, choose a name that fits you, tell our community a bit about yourself, and make sure to let people know that you're an Etsy seller! Letting others know that you're a seller ensures that you become friends with the types of people who like the same things you like and will be excited to interact with you.
Upload your products to your profile page using the Add to Kaboodle button (found on Etsy product pages under the Share option and as a browser add-on).
By creating unique lists (maybe try a theme?) you'll entice your newly-minted Kaboodle friends to flip through your items and get to know you a little bit better. These lists can also act as an archive for past works, since the images and information associated with each product you upload will remain there long after you’ve sold it. Neat! Also, don't be afraid to add things to your list that aren't from your own arsenal — you can show your style, character and gain new friends by amassing a cool wishlist collection of things from across the Web!
Only send messages and comments that you'd want to receive yourself.
Remember, the people you are sending messages to are your friends and don't want to be inundated with comments and emails that contain loads of links back to your store or only talk about your products. Comments and messages aren't the place to market to the community. In fact, it’s against our Terms of Use. Instead, include links and product information in your "About Me" section and leave the messages and comments to personal, friendly messages — you know, the kind you'd send your friends.
Create styleboards that showcase an entire look and feature a variety of different products from different places.
We currently don’t allow big brands to create styleboards at all. You get this ability because of your unique seller situation. In exchange for this perk, we ask that you kindly create styleboards that speak to your style and sensibilities but do not merely show off your own goods. Of course, the pièce de résistance can be one of your creations, but be sure to pull in other items to give your styleboard some personality and charm, and make it something your fellow Kaboodlers will be excited to see.
Kaboodle, and Kaboodle often!
Feel free to interact with others — make friends and show love by giving hearts to others' Styleboards, Blogazines, and Lists.
Let your fabulous items speak for themselves.
Here on Kaboodle we’re all about transparency. We don’t sneak advertising messages into unexpected places or inundate our friends with newsfeed advertisements under the guise of friendship. That would not make for a good friend. If you let people discover you and your products in organic ways (by seeing your products on the site, which will naturally happen if you upload them to your profile page), they will have a positive reaction to you and your products. In other words, rather than trying to share your products with the community, let the community come to you.
Share your findings with your friends on Facebook and Twitter using the Share buttons found across Kaboodle.
It’s a great way to get the word out and bring people to browse all of your past and present products on Kaboodle while staying cozily within our Terms of Use.
Follow the golden rule: “Treat others as you'd like to be treated.”
If you don't like being spammed, don't spam others. (Not that you would do that!) Be familiar and in good standing with our Community Guidelines. The best way to make sure you are in good standing with our rules of happy, fair Kaboodle engagement is to know what they are. You can check them out here. Also see our Terms of Use. And, should you ever need help, feel free to reach out to us — find us on Kaboodle as Adiel, a.k.a. triplyksis, and Melissa, a.k.a. ilovejeans. We're standing by, probably buying your stuff right now, and forever anxious to help!
Thanks again, and happy Kaboodling!


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