Tuesday, August 31, 2010

5 Things to do Everyday on Twitter to Grow it

Big Tree Growth Chart item 30015
Big Tree Growth Chart item 30015 | By: byrdiegraphics
Social media can be a powerful marketing tool for for your Etsy business. The heavy hitters like Facebook and Twitter can bring in traffic and a increase your sales, but your social network has to be treated as a relationship and there has to be some give before the take.   Here are 5 things I do everyday to grow and nurture my social network on Twitter.
Is Twitter really all about the number of followers?  The answer is yes…. and no.  I have 32,000 followers @timothyadam. I have had this Twiiter channel for over 2 years, and if you are not giving to your followers they will leave.
So what does giving look like on Twitter?
  • Sending out RT thanks when your followers are retweeting you.
  • Retweet things that your followers say…. ( make sure it fits with your over Tweet theme)
Check screen shot below.  Notice how I send out a thanks to those who have retweeted me.  I also retweeted a few things my followers have said.
  • Create a list and try to add to it everyday.
Here is my personal Etsy sellers list.  I like to add new sellers I run across on a daily basis.
Etsy twitter list
To add a new person to an existing list you can search for new people in the Find People tab at the top.
I like to search for Etsy, handmade, jewelery, art, and vintage.
Beyond giving:
  • Hold a conversation, ask questions, and engage your followers.   Questions like : What are you making today?  What is your newest item in your shop? Make the question be about them, and then you can make them be about you.  Questions like:  What item from my Etsy shop do you like best?   What do you think about this new necklace in my Etsy shop?  You get the picture.  The most important aspect to asking questions is to make sure you respond back.  The conversation can not me one sided.
  • The last thing that I do on  a daily basis is find new followers.  Find targeted followers to follow to grow your following.  I like to use a few different sites to find my targeted followers.  First is Tweepi.com, and this is by far the best twitter tool I have found to manage your Twitter followers.  Lastly is  Wefollow.com, and this is another great place to find those targeted Twitter pages you will want to follow
Be sure to stop by Handmadeology on Twitter!

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