Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fall Decorating on A Showstring

Ah, the glorious colors of Fall! Who doesn't love this season, with the beautiful leaves, colorful pumpkins and funny scarecrows. Fall has got to be my favorite season! I love to decorate for fall: it's cheap and easy with so many glorious, natural colors around you!
Here are some simple and frugal ideas to get into the swing of the season. I tend to enjoy craft and gardening projects that decorate my home, so many of these suggestions are a bit "crafty". Send me your favorites, I will be happy to post them!

Salt dough
Whip up a batch of salt dough (1 cup flour, 1 cup salt, 1/2 cup wateror enough to make a nonsticky dough) and cut into fall shapes or use a fall cookie cutter (leaves, pumpkins, etc).Bake at 200 degrees,30 minutes per side, more if item is thick or large. Paint and hang in windows, on a stick "tree"anchored in more salt dough, the sky is the limit! Shape into fall figurines for knick knacks- such Indians, Pilgrims, animals, etc.
Paper mache'
Combine equal portions of flour and water, soak news paper strips in them. Drape over a form- a balloon, a bottle. dry and add more layers, using a paste of flour and water as "glue" if necessary. You can make pumpkins, Halloween masks, you name it!
Tin Can Luminarias
Use large, clean cans, such as coffee cans. Put water in them and freeze. Tape a "pattern" of the hole you want to punch into the can, then punch holes with a nail and hammer. Be careful! Dump out ice, dry out and paint can, if desired. Put sand on bottom of can, put in candle and light. Arrange several on the ground, liining your walkway.

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