Monday, July 19, 2010

Etsy Marketing Tips part 2


When approaching media outlets try to rock your connections first. Ask your friends and families if they know specific people at papers and magazines. This is obvious but important.

Before sending them a package, be sure to contact them via email or telephone and let them know that you’d like to send them something. They’ll be excited and expectant, and your goods will be less likely to get lost in the shuffle.

Enclose a letter, preferably handwritten, and tell them a story. Not just about yourself, but about the handmade revolution that is taking over the country. People are tired of all the mass produced junk they are being offered. You, me, and Etsy are all part of a bigger movement that values artists, artisans, and quality goods that are made with care. Ok, maybe I sound a bit extreme, but I think you get the point. The press is looking for the story, and you are part of it.

Make sure your package is assembled with care. Spend the extra buck or hour to present your items and yourself well. You want to stand out from the other people that are bombarding them with free goods.
Media training:

We are making a little media training video. Even if you're savvy enough to get a TV interview or talk to a journalist, don't go in green!
  • Be prepared. Do a little research on the publication/news outfit and the particular journalist. Know what their angle is.
  • Practice giving your talking points with your friends.
  • Tell your story through personal anecdotes, not through vague comments or generalizations.
  • Have examples of your work to show and use as talking points and props.
  • Try not to say like or um too much.
  • Breathe and speak at a normal rate.
  • Be engaged. This will help you smile and your voice not be monotone.
  • Before cameras roll, ask where you should direct your gaze--at the camera, at the interviewer, at the audience.
  • Make eye contact. 

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