Friday, June 25, 2010

Primitive Decorating Tips

In this introduction to primitive decorating we find that early types of decorating were simple and conservative.

In early America the rooms were a bit more informal than the 18th century Colonial type. The walls were sometimes plastered or with delicately-striped Colonial style paper. Stenciling was very common in earlier rooms of the Colonial era. The woodwork was painted a light color, like ivory, with the ceiling and walls matching.

The floors were sometimes stained walnut and a carpet in a neutral shade could be used as a background color for braided or hooked rugs.

Curtains used by the Colonials were often simple scrim or dotted Swiss with cotton ball fringes.

Basket weaving was done by hand to hold food items and other wares of the colonial people.

Furniture was American-crafted pieces often made out of walnut, pine or maple. Queen Anne or simple Windsor style (saddle seats and spindle backs) were used in lower and middle class homes.

When the sewing machine was introduced in 1846, quilting was revolutionized. Thanks to these innovations quilts were owned by a greater number of people than ever before during the late 1800's and 1900's - "A Survey of American Quilts" Susan Schoon Eberly, Early American Life, Dec. l978.

The appeal of the colonial look was reinforced by how affordable it was and how easy it was to use. Iron-based reading lamps and oil lamps with parchment shades were recommended.

As one writer put it, "...cigarette boxes, a ship picture, a hunting scene, or a group of silhouettes, would complete an early American room of its time.

See the rest of the rooms decorating tips at the link above this article.....

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