Monday, June 7, 2010

Customizing Your Paypal Page

Create A Consistent Brand Across The Internet With A Custom PayPal Payment Page

Custom paypal banner

Branding your business across the Internet is very important.  Your Etsy shop, blog, Twitter, Facebook and even your Pay Pal checkout should all match to make your brand consistent.  Along with having a custom survey for your buyers to find out how they found you, you can add a banner to your check out page.   In this tutorial you will learn how to add your Etsy shop banner to your Pay Pal checkout page.  This payment page will only be seen by customers when you are manually invoicing them or use a PayPal button on your own site.  Etsy has their own payment page that overrides any custom page when your customers checkout through Etsy.

Step 1:
Login in to your Pay Pal and click your “Profile” button and look for the Custom Payment Pages.  See the below screen shot.
custom paypal etsy banner
Step 2:
In this step look for the add button.  Click this and you will be taken to page where you will create a new payment page.
Etsy paypal banner
Step 3:
Now you are on your custom payment page.  Step 1 on this page is to add the page name.  Pick something that is familiar to you and your customers.  Step 2 is to add the URL of your Etsy banner.  Check out the screen shots below to learn how to find the URL of your Etsy banner.  Once you have entered your Etsy Banner URL you can preview your page or hit save.
Adding a custom Paypal banner

Finding your Etsy Banner URL:
Head over to your Etsy shop.  Right click on your Etsy banner.  A box will pop up with a few options.  Click the view image option.  This will open your banner in a new window, and this is where you will grab your Etsy banner URL.
etsy banner url location
Your Etsy banner URL is now up in your address bar.  Copy and paste this URL in to the Header Image URL box on your custom payment page form.
etsy banner url

Now your Pay Pal payment page is branded to your Etsy shop.  Keep in mind this option will not work as well for sellers with two or more Etsy shops on one Pay Pal account.  In that case you may want to design a header that encompasses all your shops, or your business as a whole.
Don’t forget to add a buyer survey to your Pay Pal check out to help you know where your buyers are coming from.  Click HERE to check out this easy tutorial.


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