Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Swap Etiquette

My good friend Cindy had a post about this and I am posting also.  In recent swaps, myself, Cindy and other swap holders have had issues with welchers (people who do not send to their partner but get a doll).
These people work long and hard to make a gorgeous handmade item for their partner only to not get one in return.
If you are one of these people DO NOT JOIN swaps PERIOD!  If money is tight well then DUH, do not join.  I know sometimes things arise that prevent us from getting swaps out in a timely manner, that is ok but if it happens all the time then it is a problem.
If you receive a doll and can't send back then you should send back the doll to the owner and some extras to say sorry I couldn't fulfill my promise.
I personally have started a blackball list of bad swappers and I will publicly release YOUR name if you welch on a questions and no qualms here.

So on a lighter note now that I said that I will be having a Halloween swap in mid- summer but here is the catch to exterminate welchers, it is going to be BY INVITATION ONLY!  If I do not know you or have never seen your work or I have had problems with you in past swaps, well then sorry but this one you will have to sit out.  I will be sending invitations in late June to all those who I wish to participate and hope you will join in.......Thanks Sue


basketsbyrose said...

Great post, I have mailed out swap items to get nothing back. Sad when people can not follow the rules. So I not doing them for awhile!

RabbitHollowPrims said...

Thanks Rose :)

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