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How to Run a Successful Blog Giveaway Part 2

Primitive Pool Rules Wood Wall Hanging Sign OFG
Primitive Pool Rules Wood Wall Hanging Sign

Here is follow up to Part One.
Last having a giveaway tip: rules:
12. –Things to include in your giveaway rules (if you are running it yourself):
A. The end date AND time AND time zone. Example: Ends May 20th, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST
B. Restrictions, who can enter and age. Example: US only 18+; or Open internationally etc
C. The value of the prize
D. How you will draw the winner, how long they have to contact you back before you would pick a new winner, how you will contact them
E. Tell them to leave their email in their entry so you can contact them. If they leave no contact (and you are running it on blogger) check their profile see if they have “email” lit under the picture on the left, hover over it and you can see their email address on the bottom of your browser. If you cant find a way to contact them, and there is no email on the profile, delete their entry. On blogger, you need to “remove forever” that way it doesn’t interfere with how you pick the random winner.
Which reminds me, the winner needs to be 100% random. A good place to generate a random number is Stick in your two variables (be sure to start with “1″ not “0″ since there is not comment #0) and it will tell you which comment to pick. If you can’t see numbers you’ll have to count from the first comment to the number you need. Don’t let your family win either.
You can include more. You should also have a disclosure. If you are running someone’s giveaway and got a sample be sure you say you got a sample. If they paid you, say that. If you will get prizes yourself for something, like if someone uses a coupon code that you list, share that information. Just disclose as much as possible.
Tips on entering giveaways:
Do more than the mandatory entry. Do you have to do all 10 options? No, but doing more than one increases your chances at least 50% more.
Don’t let the amount of comments stop you!
-No one commented yet? Or almost closed? Still enter! Comment 1 and the last comment get drawn and have the same chances as every other comment
-Don’t let the amount scare you either. Even if there are 500 comments, toss your entries in the hat. It doesn’t take very long and you have the same chance as everyone else.
Stalk blogs that share giveaways from all over, like my blog. By Hand Giveaways
Email subscribe, it’s the best! Then every night you get all the giveaways that were shared emailed to you so you don’t forget. You can then sift through and enter the ones you want or need.
Read the rules. If you tweeted their giveaway you might have earned two entries. Be sure you know how many entries a certain action got you, and that you claim them. If you did five entries worth but only left one comment (and they required a separate comment for each) than you just lost four chances to win!
Pay attention to the end date, time and restrictions. You might be entering a giveaway that ends at midnight PST but you are in a different time zone and it maybe ended already. Also, you might not even meet the requirements if you aren’t from the country the winner could be from.
Never won? Didn’t win? Don’t stop entering! No one person is more “lucky” than the next. Just because you entered 10 and lost doesn’t mean that your 11th entry is at better odds of loosing…so keep entering!
And at the same time, if you won something don’t stop entering either. You can win more than one prize…the universe wont punish you :)
HAVE FUN. I love giveaways and you should too.



TheRustyThimble said...

Good Morning Sue I really enjoyed your post on giveaways. Thank you for sharing
The Rusty Thimble

RabbitHollowPrims said...

Thanks Brenda :)

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