Friday, April 9, 2010

Heartomatic Anyone?

Do You Heartomatic?
Hearts and hits and views, oh my! How do you keep track of it all? It can be frustrating – checking your item views and that swirling “who hearts this shop” window.  But it’s so easy over on!
Just enter your Etsy user name and voila! You have access to all sorts of info about your shop in one, easy – to – use screen. The Shop Hearts tab not only tells you who hearts your shop, you can see if they have a shop to heart in return. The names are all clickable links.

Craft Cult Heart o matic
Knowing that my latest listings have received some views is a good feeling.
The Item Hearts tab gives you stats on each item: number of hearts, views and the view per heart ratio. If you use the orange reset tab, you can track new views and hearts over time or after relisting.
Under the Single Item Hearts tab, you can track the heart status of a given item number over time.
Many users have been known to “camp out” on the next tab:  Item Views. There you can see your overall hearts and if any are new.  It’s a great tool if you reset your views just before a new listing. By hitting the green update button, you can see your progress. It’s also a good way to know when your RSS feed has hit your Twitter.  My own views jump around 50 points as soon as that happens.

Craft cult
My own shop hearts have fallen in April. I’ve been distracted with taxes and not listing as much!
The last tab alerts users to their items on the Etsy home page or Storque features.
The newest feature for Heartomatic is the Heart Charts.  This pages shows shop hearts per month and per day, item hearts per day and all combined heart activity for the last 60 days.

Craft Cult Heart o matic
Who hearts your shop at a glance. This page makes it easy to see who to heart in return.
This is all great information and can be used alone or, by entering it into your own database, you can track days and times that earn you the most views and hearts.  By timing your listings, you can maximize your views and hearts and overall Etsy presence!

I thought this was a great reference piece and wanted to share it with you all.....Taken from Handmadespark 


Carol said...

This is cool. I'm gonna check it out. Thanks for the heads up about it Sue. Hugs~Carol

RabbitHollowPrims said...

It is awesome to use Carol :)

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