Saturday, April 24, 2010

Facebook New Like Button

Facebook has implemented a few changes to the way that you become a “fan” of a Facebook fan page.   Instead of becoming a fan of a page you are now going to “like” the fan page.  This will not effect anything on your end as the person doing the liking.  On your fan page you will notice a slight difference with the fans changing to likers!  .    Now you will also see how many of your friends like any fan page you look at.   So if you see a fan page that a bunch of your friends like maybe you should like it too!
facebook fanpage like
Facebook like button
As you can see below in the picture the Facebook Fan page buttons and badges have also changed.  Instead of reading your a fan of this fan page you “like” it.  You will also notice that the badge says that 2700 people like Handmade Sparks Fan page,

Facebook is now opening ways for other sites to connect with your Facebook profile to set cretin preferences when you load their site.  For example Pandora will pull music interest from your Facebook profile and only play the music you like.
Facebook like
For example Pandora will pull music interest from your Facebook profile and only play the music you like.  This is a great feature… just browse to the site and it automatically plays your music.
pandora facebook connect
Yelp is a great review site that will allow you to see what your friends are reviewing.  With the Facebook connect you yelp will bring you to the area that is closest to your location on Facebook.   There is also a like button that connects with your Facebook profile.

You can see below that when I liked the restaurant on Yelp it will show up on my Facebook profile wall.

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Carol said...

That's a lot of information on a person. Good for a business I guess. Too much info for me. Geez.

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