Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Bucket List

If you do not know what one is then here ya go. It is a list of 100 things you want to do before you die. This may take me awhile LOL

1) Go to Vegas
2) Meet Enimem
3) Go overseas to Europe
4) Write a book
5) Make a guest appearance on a tv show
6) Write a script for a tv show
7) Learn karate
8) go camping
9) go on iron chef america
10) Meet the guys from Top Gear
11) Drive a taxi
12) Run a marathon
13) Learn Spanish
14) lose weight
15) Find a new job
16) get healthy
17) Watch my kids grow
18) go to all the famous museums
19) try exotic foods
20) Make it to OZ
21) Build my business online
22) Become a family name
23) Own a koala bear
24) ride a horse
25) learn how to fence
26) Have portrait painted
27) Swim with a dolphin
28) drive a train
29) write an autobiography
30) Brew my own beer
31) Own an apt in NY with a view
32) ride a camel
33) be the boss
34) visit all the prim stores in the USA
35) own my own brick and mortar prim store
36) make my house more prim
37) design new dolls
38) pass on family traditions to my kids
39) get along with my in laws
40) bungee jump
41) sky dive
42) Box a kangaroo
43) shower in a waterfall
44) write a will
45) sleep under the stars
46) ride in a hot air balloon
47) accept my faults
48) create a family tree
49) learn to be a bartender
50 ) skinny dip
51) become debt free
52) make love on a beach
53) visit the moon'
54) learn enlightenment
55) Worship God
56) see the seven wonders of the world
57) go deep see diving
58) Jam with a rock band
59) go into space
60) spank someone
61) own a really expensive car
62) find a cure for a disease
63) disappear for a week
64) fly into space
65) become a Policewoman
66) deliver mail for a day
67) ride a motorcycle
68) play in the rain
69) have great sex outside
70) throw the biggest party in the world
71) eat for free everyday for a week
72) go to med school
73) use a flamethrower
74) Kick someones ass
75) break 10 laws in one day
76) change my haircolor
77) play strip poker
78) be a super hero
79) watch the sun rise
80) watch the sun set
81) feed a homeless person
82) give to charity
83) learn to juggle
84) light a match with a .22 rifle
85) become a wizard
86) learn to draw
87) be a tattoo artist
88) fix computers
89) learn how to drive stick
90) Take a cruise
91) go shopping at Barney's
92) go shopping at Harrods
93) Deliver a letter by owl post
94) go club hopping one more time
95) surf
96) do all those skateboard tricks
97) fly a plane
98) run with the bulls
99) Go back to Disney World
100) do every bloody thing on this list LOL


FrogstoFairyDust said...

Love this list . . . inspiring actually :)

FrogstoFairyDust said...

Love it! Inspiring!

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