Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memories-Doll Story

My uncle just died last Christmas and my mom and dad went to clean out his house. When they did, they found all my old dolls I used to play with when I was a child. It brought back a flood of memories of going to stay at my grandma's house and playing with the dolls. I had a Mrs. beasley cloth doll, a raggedy ann, a kewpie doll, and some small made in china dollies. Not all faired well. My kewpie dolls head is cracked open and raggedies hair is unlooped but I couldn't part with these items. Mom was like throw them out, they are ruined. I was like how can I throw them out? They are a piece of my childhood. I also had some old tanks and things I played with. I gave those to my boys and of course they broke them so those are no longer around. I had an old spirograph and was showing my kids how to use it but it didin't hold their attention. I also had one of those old video viewers where you put the slide in and look at the pics.
I remember having one that came with these cartridges and it was Snoopy at a drive in theater and you would put the cartridge in and crank it just like a movie and the cartoon would come up on the movie screen. I miss that toy. I remember having a Fred Flinstone mechanical Dino with Fred riding it. It would go all around the floor. Have to ask mom what happened to that. Oh and many many Star Wars items also......Those were the days. These kids don't know what they are missing.....

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Tins and Treasures said...

My mom saved alot of my old things too. I remember I could play with my spirograph for hours!! So much sentimental value in these things. Happy Saturday ~Natalie

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