Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well After a busy Week

I am finally getting back to working on dolls. My parents were in for a visit and they are getting ready to leave today. I haven't seen them in a year so was nice. We have had craziness here daily as the dishwasher I bought, well, the men came to install it and the fittings wouldn't fit my house so the guys who came from the store did a crappy job and the thing was leaking and everything. We had to call a plumber in to put it in right. So I called the store and told them what went down and they gave me my money back!
Then the plumber leaves and the thing is still leaking but didn't leak until after the plumber left of course. SO my hubby was like well I only showed him the one spot because the other wasn't leaking. MEN so dumb sometimes!
So now the plumber is coking back to charge us another 66 bucks for an hour. BUT salvation came as my dad always did this kind of work and he has a bad back now but he got down there and fixed it right. Here the dummies from the store didn't put plumbers tape around the joints where they meet. Now it works fine.
Now today I am busy again. I have cable man coming to install internet to my son's computer, have to take my younger son to the doc as he is sick and then I am going this morning for a cholesterol check which is killing me because I can't eat or drink anything until I go after 8 am.

I will be starting to get together my listing for Etsy and ebay also. I have way more than I first thought. I have clothes, vintage cltohes for dolls or display, regular kid clothes, vintage fabric, vintage fabric panels, vintage aprons, vintage hankies, notions out the wazoo, coats and much much more. Hope to see you there.

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