Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Was Great!

Ok so parents were in for Easter and are staying until Weds. We went out Sat and bought all the food for dinner. We stopped on our way back at HH Gregg an appliance store because we are in desperate need of a new washer and dryer and a freezer as we don't have enough space with those crazy side by side deals. Sooo I got a deal deal deal. They gave me 2 front load washers for 1200 bucks LG brand, the freezer was 500 and they gave it to me for $400 and this was the BEST deal. I needed a new dishwasher but wasn't going to look for one. Well the guy said they have overstock and to look at them. I found a stainless steel inside and out one original price 1200, I got it for 300! I was like whoohoo! Sooo they are delivering today to the house and taking away the old.

Easter itself was great the kids got their baskets and did an Easter egg hunt. The neighbor in the night threw candy over the fence so when the kids went outside to play they found it and was crying the Easter bunny was here. Well grandpa wasn't paying attention the Aidan as he was playing frisbee with Liam and when he looks over at the porch, there is Aidan covered in chocolate and tons of candy wrappers on the porch LOL Liam had a ton in his pocket too and kept sneaking them out and eating them until my dad caught on.

I also did a masive spring cleaning of my office/workspace and I will be putting up on ebay 3 big lots of notions tons of ribbon, fancy buttons, elastic, thread, appliques and more.....Then I will have tons of plus size clothing from Lane Bryant, Pendleton, etc. There are coats, tops, suits , skirts, etc.... Finally if you collect vintage fabric, I have a few panels of cats, santas and Mexican themed ones. AND if you collect Gothic plush dolls (non primitive) from Hot Topic Store, I have about a gazillion of those also. I have some Disney plush too old and 25th anniversay or some anniversary plush I bought 20 yrs ago, and more.....This is a massive clean out so do not miss it :) Oh and I have one more mammy laundry bag left if you want one. Remember the punch cards to earn points towards free items.


Military Momz said...

WOW, sounds like you had a busy, productive and fun weekend! Great deals on the appliances! I also cleaned up my office and did some work on my tax return along with some much needed throwing away of a lot of stuff that I was keeping for some reason, but now decided I do not need! Have a great day!!!

merelyadream said...

Wow you did get a deal on those appliances! I so need some too, I hope I get lucky when I go, LOL right now the dish washer we have is me! :)

RabbitHollowPrims said...

Kewl I just went and bought some shelving to get stuff off the floor in the garage so we can have room for the freezer. Spring cleaning is great isn't it? You get on a roll and whip whip whip LOL

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