Friday, January 2, 2009

Vintage Prims 3 & 4

Okay okay I totally forgot to post yesterday so I am posting two old prims today and their stories LOL. First is one of my favorites. it is a purple santa made from a big wood post and he has a paperclay I believe face. Comes with the lit tree too. I bought him at a craft show in Pittsburgh Pa that my mother and I were doing. The lady was beind us and selling them out like mad! I hopped on over and told her to hold this one for me and bought it. I wish I would have gotten her card as last year this piece made me cry. I have always stored it in the closet wrapped up real well. Well, last year I got it out and when I unwrapped it the face had broke in half! I cried but being ever so resourceful, I took it apart as it is screwed into a piece of muslin and wood , glued it and touch it up and put it back. You can still see the crack but now I tell people, it's the patina of the piece LOL So he doesn't get packed away anymore, he stays up in my workspace all year round.

The top piece I got at another show my mother and I did. Just thought he was a cute piece. He has real fur trim though and the cats want to chew him so he goes up high when he goes out. His beard is starting to come off so going to have to repair it :)

Oh and just a quick note that I just added more new items to purchase from my spring slideshow so go to my website at bottom of homepage to view and also I relisted my small cupid dollie on Etsy as he sold really quick! Thanks and have a great day!

*prim blessings*

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